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Low Profile Box Spring

Box springs are available with different heights. There are box springs that are as short as 4 inches and there are those that are as tall as 14 inches.

The shorter ones are known as the low profile box springs. People use them for several reasons:

  • They are cheaper than the high profile box springs.
  • A low profile box spring is much lighter because of the reduced height, which makes it easier to handle them.

  • A low profile box spring does not raise the bed too high, which is what some people prefer.

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Regarding the low height preference, sometimes this could be necessary for practical reasons. A person may have a nightstand by the side of the bed and a high profile box spring might take the level of the bed uncomfortably higher than the nightstand. The solution in such cases is to use a low profile box spring

A box spring is a wooden box with springs or some other form of torsion attached within them that is placed below mattresses. This box typically goes over the frame of the bed and carries the mattress above it. Though it is the mattress that provides for the softness of the bed, it is the box spring that is responsible for the ‘give’ that a bed has. The degree of comfort of a bed depends on the cumulative effect of the bed and the box spring. 

Purchasing Low Profile Box Springs

When people plan on buying a low profile box spring, the biggest question that they have is whether the short height would mean a compromise on the comfort that they get from the bed. Being shorter in size does mean that the torsion available in the bed will be somewhat lesser, due to which the beds do tend to be a little firmer than if they had a high profile box spring.

low profile box spring               low profile bed and box spring               low profile box springs

However, this firmness differential is not too significant. In fact, some reputable sources say that there is no perceivable difference between the sleeping comfort provided by the low profile and a high profile box spring, which implies that both of them can be quite easily used. 

As such, the main difference between these two kinds of box springs becomes aesthetics. People prefer them according to their personal views of beauty. Most people feel that high profile box springs look more elegant and classy, while there are several others who hold the view that low profile box springs are more practical and convenient to use. 

The normal height of box springs used is about 9 inches, which is neither high nor low. In fact, most beds do not need box springs at all; the mattresses are directly placed over the bed frame and they provide ample support. So if you are planning to get a box spring, the first thing that you need to decide is whether you will actually need such a piece of equipment for your bed or not. 

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